Barbecue Log Book

By Holy Smokes

Hone your skills and become a BBQ Pitmaster

The Holy Smokes Team has designed and developed a Barbecue Log Book. This log book helps you track meat preparations, seasonings and wood used, as well as temperature charts, note sections, time tracking and post-cook reviews. 
This book is light and easy to pack. The book comes with 50+ cooking logs. It also comes with a catalog of what types of wood you can use, and safe cooking temperature guide. 

Holy Smokes Team cooks competitively on the KCBS circuit. With years of cooking and smoking they have developed a tried and true book to help you journal and track your cooks. Fine tune your skills and become a true Pitmaster

  • Cooking date

  • Meat preparations (types, price, weight, brand)

  • Special ingredients (seasoning, brine, glaze and sauces)

  • Cooking procedures

  • Type of cooker 

  • Weather conditions

  • Target temp and rotation times

  • Fuel used (wood, propane, pellets)

  • Time & Temp chart (chart vent opening, rotation food and fuel changes)

  • Cook notes and diagrams space

  • Full post cook evaluation (bark, tenderness, moisture)

  • Post cook notes 

  • Changes and comments for next cook

No matter if you are just getting started or cook professionally, this Barbecue Log Book is for you. Backyard cooks and KCBS competitors have all raved about how this book helps them become a pitmaster.